Day 27, 28 and 29

Day 27- the view from my decking

Day 28- Me enjoying the cricket – 2 test wins in a row for New Zealand

Beach Day – not really got away from the coffee making for 5 minutes to enjoy the beach


Day 24 – rocks

So i’ll be honest the photo a day thing i find a little hard. I’m getting better at having my camera on me at all times but is that really saying a lot. so today picture is not the normal picture i would take but an image of a fault rock which has been cut to be 30µm thick and the had light reflected of the surface to create the image


Day 21- Cleaning Day

So today was a cleaning day, my DVD collection looks just awesomely clean now. but i wanted to show why i wanted to clean my desk. here is what it looked like before i started cleaning. I’m now sitting at my desk so its improved I’ll throw up a picture of it cleaned later on in the week

Day 20- oh i do love my cat

today my photo is of my awesome cat who right this second is relaxing and chilling out on my arm.

OK, so as i wrote this post my cat was sitting on my arm and then she walked to the edge of my desk and looked into my draws and  sat there for a little bit and went and jumped into the slightly ajar draw, so here is a bonus pic (sorry about it being late by a couple of days but i think my cat made up for that